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Physiotherapy Prices

Due to the increased costs with PPE and extended treatment times to allow for disinfection between patients during the COVID-19 pandemic we have reluctantly had to increase are fees slightly.
Physiotherapy€60 for 45 minutes
Shockwave Therapy€60 for 20 minutes
Massage€60 for 40 minutes
€80 for 60 minutes
Home Visit€90
OrthoticsFrom €250
Private Pilates class (1 to 1)€60 for 40minutes
€80 for 60 minutes
Group Pilates Class (4-8 people)€60 for 4 weeks
Express Reformer Pilates Class (4-8 people)€67 for 4 weeks
Reformer Pilates Class (4-8 people)€100 for 4 weeks
Antenatal Pilates (4 people)€60 for 4 weeks