********** June 2024 Classes ********************

The next course of classes will go on general sale; Tuesday 18th June at 9am

Classes will start from Monday 24th June 2024

Please note we will pause for summer break from 5th to 30th August inclusive

You will receive a 50% discount on the cheapest class; if you book 2 classes for the same participant in the same block.

We appreciate your continued support, and we would like to make the process for making up classes as easy and as fair as possible. Please note it is not always possible to make up classes. It is the responsibility of the person booking the classes to be able to attend all classes where possible. We will make every attempt to help you make up classes, but it is not a guarantee only a goodwill gesture we offer in the clinic.

From January 2024 if you are going to miss a class/classes follow steps below:
1. Give a minimum of 24 hours noticed – Anything less than 24 hours’ notice will mean we won’t be able to accommodate you.
2. Email the dates you will miss to
3. The team will then send dates that are available (note it may not be the same type of class you originally booked)
4. Confirm what date suits within 24 hours of email from team; so, you can be added to that class
5. If you know in advance you can pop into reception and speak with Tara on Mondays or Thursday 8am to 1pm only


Monday Express Reformer 7.15amRenatta
Monday30 min Blast reformer8.00amRenatta
MondayExpress Reformer 9.15amRenatta
MondayReformer 11.00Renatta
MondayExpress Reformer 12.00Renatta
MondayBone Health Class @ All in Fitness Gym 11amConor
MondayBone Health Class @ All in Fitness Gym12pmConor
MondayMen's Only Mat6pmShannon
MondayBeginners/Intermediate Mat7pmShannon
TuesdayIntermediate Express Reformer7.30amAoife
TuesdayBeginners Mat10amConor
Tuesday Beginners Mat11amConor
TuesdayGentle Yoga Flow 5pmMarie
Tuesday Beginners Mat6pmShannon
TuesdayIntermediate Mat7pmGeorgianna
Wednesday Beginners/Express Reformer8amShannon
WednesdayBeginners/Intermediate Mat10amAoife
WednesdayIntermediate Mat7pmGeorgianna
Wednesday Reformer8pmGeorgianna
ThursdayExpress Reformer08:15Renatta
ThursdayExpress Reformer09:20Renatta
Thursday Reformer 11amRenatta
Thursday Bone Health Class @ All in Fitness Gym11amConnor
Thursday Beginners Mat6pmShannon
Thursday Reformer 7pmShannon
FridayBeginners/Express Reformer7.30amShannon
Friday Bone Health Class @ All in Fitness Gym 11amConor
FridayBeginners/Intermediate Mat11amShannon
FridayGentle Yoga Flow 1.10pmMarie

In-studio Group Classes

Class DetailsType/DayCostBook
Express reformer from 24th June for 5 weeks on @7.15am Monday, , , 87.50
Blast Reformer 30 mins Mondays from 24th June for 5 weeks at 8am with Renata, , , 87.50
Reformer Pilates5 weeks on Monday from 24th June for 5 weeks @10am with Renata, , , 106.25
Bone Health Class at ALL IN FITNESS Mon from 24th June 4 weeks @12 / midday, , 70.00
Beginners Mat Tuesday at 10am for 4 weeks from 25th June with Conor, , , 65.00
Gentle Flow Yoga starting for 5 weeks Tuesdays at 5pm from 2nd July with Marie, , , 81.25
Intermediate Mat Pilates 5 weeks on Tuesday from 2nd July for 5 weeks at 7pm with Georgianna, , , 81.25
Reformer Pilates, Starting 3rd July 5 weeks on Wednesday at 6pm with Georgianna, , , , 106.25
Intermediate Mat class starting 3rd July for 5 weeks with Georgianna, , , 81.25
Beginners/Intermediate Mat Pilates Wednesday 4 weeks starting 26th June on at 10am with Aoife, , , 65.00
Reformer Pilates, Wednesday 26th June at 11am with Aoife, , , , 85.00
Express Reformer Pilates, Thursdays at 9.15am from 27th June for 5 weeks with Renata, , 87.50
Beginners Mat Thursday 6 weeks/27th June at 6pm with Shannon, , , 97.50
Bone Health Class at ALL IN FITNESS; Fridays 28th for 4 weeks @11am with Conor, , 70.00
Gentle Flow Yoga, Starts 5th July 5 weeksFridays at 1.10pm with Marie, , , 81.25
Reformer, Fridays at 10am with Aoife 6 weeks, , 127.50
Beginner Mat Class Friday 28th for 6 weeks @11am with Shannon, , 97.50

In-studio One-on-One Classes