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Fitness Products. Fitness, Exercise, Workout & Rehab Products available at Method Physio. Each product has been handpicked and tested by our team of qualified physiotherapists. We have sourced durable and effective products for all of your fitness requirements.

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Fitness should be simple and practical––everything about packing a bag, climbing into the car, and heading to the gym is not. Added to the hassle of traveling somewhere just to work out are the scheduling conflicts and overcrowding problems that mess up your day. How can you stay active and healthy with such obstacles working against you?

Owning a home gym solves many of these issues. You can fit in a quick session any time during the day and benefit from the cumulative effect of multiple workouts too. According to the Mayo Clinic, sessions that are spread out throughout the day can be just as beneficial as one long workout. For example, three 10-minute sessions are just as effective as one 30-minute workout.

The ability to do multiple workouts throughout a day are just one of the many benefits that come with setting up a gym right inside your home. Whether you convert a spare room or just clear a little space in the corner, a home gym is an incredible fitness resource for you and your family.